Ośrodek Terapii Psychoanalitycznej
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Centre for Psychoanalytic Therapy
Le Centre de Thérapie Psychanalytique


Ośrodek Terapii Psychoanalitycznej

Ośrodek Terapii Psychoanalitycznej

ul. Emilii Plater 14/19, 00-669 Warszawa

Centre for Psychoanalytic Therapy brings together psychotherapists who have many years' experience in a long-term psychotherapy of patients with a variety of emotional disturbances. We base our understanding of a patient's problems on most recent psychoanalytical ideas that were originated over one hundred years ago by Sigmund Freud's discoveries.

Our offer

People who come to our Centre are offered consultations which aim at reaching a joint conclusion concerning the nature of the problem that brings the person to us. During a consultation therapist may suggest further joint work - a psychotherapy. Most often this is a suggestion for undertaking individual therapy but sometimes other forms of therapy are recommended: psychotherapy aided by pharmacological treatment, couple or family counseling.

Aims of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is based on a patient - therapist relationship which serves as a vehicle for understanding and working through of emotional difficulties encountered in all aspects of life. We see them as a consequence of repeating ways of managing past painful experiences which are recreated in the present in new situations.

How does actually psychotherapy look like?

During jointly agreed upon regular meetings patient speaks to the therapist about what she/he considers to be important, emotionally meaningful or just worth telling about without any restrictions regarding the subject. These may relate to actual events, recollections, dreams, fantasies, feelings. The aim of therapist is to help the patient understand their meaning in connection with patient's psychic life and the problem which brought her/him to therapy, and in connection with psychotherapeutic relationship.

How long does psychotherapy last?

We offer open-ended therapy and it lasts as long as it is necessary to solve patient's difficulty. During psychotherapy a space is needed to discuss both the present and the past experiences. If we realize that we work through many years' experiences it becomes clear that long-term therapy is necessary.


During therapy a patient is confronted with difficult experiences. In order to make possible the working through of them an intensive help from the therapist is needed. In other case a patient who is left on his own for a long period of time reverts to his old dysfunctional ways of coping with these feelings. The more intensive the psychotherapy is the more possible is to reach a deeper level of experiences and to effect lasting changes. Therefore we offer therapy which takes place twice weekly up to five times a week.

The course of therapy

Each person is different and therefore each therapy has its own individual course and rhythm. In the process one can experience different feelings and one may experience therapy as helpful or not. In both cases it is important to discuss together with a therapist one's experiences and to understand their meaning both at the level of a relationship with a therapist and at the level of one's life situation. The end of the therapy is jointly agreed upon, ending is a process, an important element of our life and so an important element of therapy as well.